Spring into Action with Proper Lawn Maintenance

Mar 27, 2023

Spring into Action with Proper Lawn Maintenance

Spring has sprung, and that means it’s time for lawn maintenance! After the winter season, your lawn is probably feeling the effects of the cold, dry air (aren’t we all?), but with proper mowing and growing practices, your lawn can transform back into the lush, green oasis it once was.

Here’s everything you need to know to spring into action this season with the best mowing practices for your lawn, plus how a TurfBot robotic mower can help you achieve your lawn goals.


Know Before You Mow


Mowing your lawn isn’t just about curb appeal (although a well-groomed lawn is certainly a bonus!). Proper mowing practices aid in the health and vitality of the lawn. It’s important to stay on top of proper lawn care efforts for the duration of the lawn’s growing period, starting now. Poor lawn maintenance practices, including poor mowing practices, can damage both the health and appearance of your lawn. 


A properly mowed lawn is thicker, healthier, and better able to withstand stresses like weeds, insects, and diseases. Lawns should be mowed regularly, at the proper height, and with a sharp mower blade for a clean cut, in order to establish deep roots for your lawn to look its very best. During the spring and summer (peak growing season), keep a close eye on your lawn, as it may require mowing more than once a week. However, during periods of slow growth, it may only need to be cut once every 10-12 days.



Turf-Friendly Mowing Tips


Want a stronger, greener, healthier lawn? Who doesn’t! Keep your lawn in top form by following these simple rules:


  • Mow more often (every 3 to 4 days) during active growth periods.

  • Change your mowing patterns every time you cut to keep your grass growing strong and straight.

  • Keep your mower blade sharp for a razor clean cut.

  • Leave your grass clippings in your lawn to feed it extra nutrients in a process called grasscycling.

  • Mow your lawn when it’s dry to maintain a sharper cut (and to avoid slips and falls).

  • Never cut more than 1/3 of a blade of grass in one mowing.



How TurfBot can Help You This Spring

Your lawn needs constant monitoring and mowing to keep the turf healthy and thriving. That’s a pretty time consuming chore! This is where TurfBot comes in. TurfBot is a robotic mower that meticulously maintains your lawn, day in and day out, through regular cutting (both scheduled and on-demand).The result? A healthy lawn that is ALWAYS freshly cut at the perfect height. 


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