About Us

About us

The TurfBot concept is simple: provide consumers with easy access to robotic mowing by offering it as a paid service with an affordable monthly subscription fee. When you become a TurfBot customer, we’ll install one of our incredible, cutting-edge robots at your property, where it will live throughout the entire mowing/maintenance season. Our robot will maintain your lawn meticulously day in and day out through regular cutting (scheduled and on demand). The result? A lawn that is ALWAYS freshly cut at the perfect height.  

Both of our subscription programs also include installation and monthly maintenance visits from one of our (human) employees to ensure the mower is clean, the blades are sharp, and the entire system is in tip-top shape.

Finding and managing reliable mowing services can be frustrating. That's why our goal is to take the guesswork out of keeping your grass looking its best. Our mower works around the clock to cut your lawn when it needs it. Imagine coming home to a freshly-mowed lawn each and every day, regardless of the weather (did we mention our lawn mowers never miss work and can safely operate in the rain?). 

In Europe, there are already more than a million autonomous robot mowers safely operating. These mowers are battery-powered, emissions-free, and completely safe thanks to high-level sensors. 

Still not convinced? Here are just a few of the reasons why robotic mowing may be the right choice for your lawn:



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