Is A Robotic Mower Better for Your Lawn?

Aug 09, 2022

Why TurfBot May be Right for You!

Robotic mowers require no manual labor and often produce higher-quality lawns, allowing you to enjoy more and stress less! TurfBot mowers use advanced technology to meets your lawn's needs, creating healthier, stronger grass for you and your family to enjoy. Find out why our mowers may be better suited for your lawn care needs below!



Reasons to Love Your TurfBot:

  • Ensuring a healthier lawn - robotic mowers only remove a small fraction of the grass plant each time, which places less stress on the lawn
  • Constant mowing – cutting more frequently means a freshly-cut lawn throughout the growing season
  • Grasscycling done right – with more frequent mowing, grass clippings are much smaller and lighter, allowing them to naturally disintegrate on their own. These clippings act as a natural fertilizer and deposit valuable nutrients right back into your lawn
  • Increased safety – with our robotic mowers, you will never have to worry about your kids and pets out on the lawn. Turbots’ mowers can work around objects and sense when people are nearby, avoiding areas with human or pet activity. In the unlikely event the mower is flipped over, it will automatically turn off
  • Stress free – one of our technicians will install and program your robot to stay within the boundaries of your property. We’ll also visit your property regularly for monthly maintenance check-ups! After your last mow of the season, a technician will come out to place your robot into fall shutdown mode for the colder months and have it stored safely until next mowing season – completely worry-free!


Added TurfBot Benefits:

You’re probably wondering, “what else can this neat robot do?” Well, we’re so glad you asked! TurfBot is a completely reliable worker, we even did a reference check! Our robots don’t take any days off, and they even work outside in the rain. That’s right! Your lawn can get a fresh cut and stay hydrated at the same time.

There’s also a big reduction in noise. While a gas mower can be as loud as 110 decibels, our mowers average 58-74 decibels. You can set your robot schedule to start mowing at 6am and not have to worry about the neighbors!


If you are interested in becoming a TurfBot customer, you can easily request a quote on our website. Get started today!



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