Shutting Your TurfBot Down for the Season

Nov 16, 2022

How does it work?

The year's end is slowly approaching, so it’s getting to that time that you’ll have to retire your robotic mowers for the winter. If you want to learn about the process that TurfBot takes to ensure a swift transition for your bot, keep reading!


When starting with TurfBot, our human technician will set up a base station at your home. They will also handle all the programming and maintenance for your robot, (you’ll never have to lift a finger!). During the year, the robot will mow on its own programmed schedule and return to its base for charging once completed.

During the off-season, customers can pause their service until the grass starts growing again. This means that you’ll only have to pay for the months that the robot is active! Once it’s time to shut down, a human technician will visit your home and perform a maintenance visit on the bot to ensure the mower is clean, the blades are sharp, and the entire system is in excellent shape. Once everything is completed, the technician will program the bot into something we call, fall shut-down mode. We will store the mower away at your home, in a safe, covered environment for the winter months and program it so that it can rest until springtime!


There you have it! That’s our fall shut-down process. Clean, maintain and store away. If you’d like to learn more about our service, contact your local TurfBot Team today!

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