Avoid Eye Injuries with TurfBot Autonomous Lawn Mowers

Jun 08, 2023

Avoid Eye Injuries with TurfBot Autonomous Lawn Mowers

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Did you know that about half of all eye injuries occur in and around your home? A huge chunk of those injuries happens during routine yard maintenance, including mowing, power trimming, edging, and pruning. 


A mower can send twigs, stones, and other lawn debris flying at high speeds in unpredictable directions, leading to potentially irreparable eye damage, and it’s not just the person operating the machinery who is at risk. Kids and pets playing nearby can inadvertently wind up in the path of dangerous airborne objects. 


Unfortunately, accidents do happen, so it’s important to take reasonable precautions to stay safe during yard work. 


  1. Wear eye protection any time you are working with these machines. Choose eyewear with UV light protection to shield your eyes from sun damage as well.

  2. Keep kids and pets far away from where you are working. If they approach you, turn the machine off until they have left. 

  3. Before mowing, take a quick look around the lawn to remove any sticks, rocks, or other debris that could get caught and thrown by the mower.

TurfBot Mowers Are A Sight For Sore Eyes

To eliminate mower-related risk altogether, try out a TurfBot autonomous lawn mower! Our robotic mower meticulously maintains your lawn, day in and day out, giving you a healthy lawn that is always freshly cut at the perfect height. Using smart technology, the TurfBot mower operates itself, so you don’t even have to be home! This saves you and your loved ones from being anywhere near the danger zone while the mower works for you.


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