Fall Mowing – Nearing the End

Oct 14, 2022

Find Out How You Should Prepare Your TurfBot For Fall

With the cooler temperatures approaching, lawn care season is coming to a close. Fall maintenance is incredibly important to the health and vitality of your turf. Follow these tips on mowing practices for the cooler fall season.

When should you stop mowing?

If the lawn is still growing, keep mowing! However, keep in mind that your lawn will grow at a slower pace in the cooler months and will need to be mowed less frequently (you and your TurfBot technician can work on adjusting your mowing schedule!). It is important to keep an eye on your turf’s growing patterns throughout this season to be able to gauge when your lawn will need a trim.


Why is fall mowing important?

Mowing your lawn shorter before the harsh winter weather can actually help protect it from the elements. Overly long grass tends to lay down or “flop over” during the winter months, make your turf more susceptible to damage. Regular cutting will keep the grass blades standing upright like a wire brush, which will help it push back against heavy snow and ice coverage. Steady mowing during the fall season will strengthen your turf over the winter months and help it come back healthy for next spring!


The last cut

Be sure to set your TurfBot to the low setting for the final cut of the year. Mowing low will ensure less fungal disease and potential snow mold. 


If you have any questions or concerns, contact your local TurfBot human today!

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