Feb 17, 2023


TurfBot’s Best Qualities!

robotic mower


You don’t want to be THAT person who starts their lawn mower at 7am on a Sunday, waking up the whole neighborhood, do you? Well with TurfBot, it is so quiet while mowing that you can even schedule the bot to run during the night! The TurfBot robots are 58-74 decibels in noise which is nearly 50 decibels quieter than gas-powered lawnmowers.



TurfBot only uses the safest robotic mowers out there. The bot will be able to mow around objects so that your pets and children can play safely on the grass while it’s being cut. We also include an invisible fence around the perimeter of your lawn to ensure the bot will not leave your property. Also, in the unlikely event that the mower is to tip over, the bot will automatically stop - including the blades to guarantee safety!



TurfBot is a no-hassle mowing service to help free up homeowners’ weekends. Smart homes are the way of the future, and robotic mowing helps bring this smart technology outdoors. Set your bot to a schedule and you won’t have to think about it again. The mower will leave its “base” when prompted to do so and will mow your lawn until finished. It will then return to its base to charge for the next time. It’s that easy!



Unlike some push or riding mowers, TurfBot is 100% eco-friendly! Our robots are battery-powered with zero emissions. Using one of our mowers is like replacing two family cars with electric vehicles!



TurfBot mowers don’t miss a day of work. It is very reliable when setting the bot to a set schedule. You can wake up and have the lawn mowed, looking the absolute best! Even when it’s raining outside, you won’t have to worry about going to cut the grass because your TurfBot will do it for you!


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