How TurfBot® Mowing Heights Help Enhance the Health of Your Lawn

Aug 09, 2021

Here at TurfBot®, we pride ourselves on being experts in all things 'lawn maintenance.' If you've stumbled on this blog post, you likely have a love for your lawn so you already know that keeping your lawn green and lush is much more of an art than a science. Well, at TurfBot®, we'd consider ourselves artists!

Our core service is 24/7 robotic lawn mowing, providing a sharp-looking lawn at all times (even in the rain!). There's no more worrying about finding the time to mow or lugging around a cumbersome gas mower. We handle it all! 

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Did you know? In addition to the convenience factor of our services, TurfBot® mowing heights actually help enhance the health of your lawn! During the summer months especially, keeping your grass at a height of 2.5 - 4" (depending on the grass type) is recommended, and that's exactly what TurfBot® ensures. 

How does mowing height affect lawn health?
Your lawn's root system grows proportionately to the above grounds parts of the plant. With that being said, a higher mowing will result in a more established, stronger root system. 

Also, with the summer conditions we experience, longer grass acts as a shield from the sun and other elements, protecting the base of the grass blades, and root system, from potential drought, weed infestations and disease, such as bare spots. 

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