Your Summer-Ready Smart Home: Must Haves

Jul 03, 2022


Smart home devices are a great invention, they make life simple, easy and efficient. Smart devices are the way of the future! You can turn your lights on without having to flick a switch, turn up the air conditioning from your phone while sitting on the couch and so much more. But the number one smart home device that you need this summer is a robotic mowing solution. 


About Robotic Lawn Mowers

Having a robotic lawn mower ensures that your lawn is always cut and clean for when you get home, never having to worry about how your lawn looks going forward. With your Turfbot robotic mower, you’ll enjoy a much quieter mow - 30-40 decibels quieter, in fact! Turfbot is also eco-friendly so you can be green while saving YOUR green!


TurfBot Pros

  • You will never have to worry if there is enough gas in your lawn mower to completely cut your lawn.

  • Convenience is the main factor, and with Turfbot, you won’t have to set time aside every few days to keep up with your lawn. Hello, free time!

  • You will always come home to a healthy, freshly-mowed lawn, and at the perfect height, too!

  • You can always rely on TurfBot! Our robots take no days off and can safely mow your lawn in the rain. TurfBot technicians also perform a monthly maintenance check-up to ensure the robot will continue to work efficiently for you.



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