Find Out Why LESS is BETTER with TurfBot Mowing!

Aug 26, 2022








LESS Noise

Our robotic mowers are guaranteed to be much quieter than any gas lawn mower. We utilize battery-powered equipment to create a machine that is quiet and headache free. No more loud start-ups on Sunday morning with the drowning sound of the lawn mower’s engine. With TurfBot, you won’t even realize your lawn is in the process of being mowed – that’s how quiet we are!


LESS Emissions

TurfBot is a battery-operated machine that is better for everyone, the environment - your lawn included! Most lawn maintenance equipment expels toxic emissions, polluting the air with fossil fuels which can be damaging in the long run. Our robots, being 100% battery-powered, will never require gasoline, helping save the environment one mow at a time!


LESS Stress

TurfBot handles everything so you don’t have to. Set your robot to mow on your preferred schedule and our bot will do the rest – rain or shine! You will never have to worry about your curb appeal again because while you are at work, your mower will be working hard to ensure you come home to a freshly cut lawn! Consistent mowing is the best thing you can do for your turf to ensure healthy, green grass.



Typically, after manually mowing your property, cleaning up is the worst part. Clearing glass clippings from your mower, following a run around your yard, can be a painful process (figuratively and literally!). Using a robotic mower, all of that stress is eliminated! Your TurfBot mower is constantly at work, which results in less grass clippings and more mulching, which acts as a great supplemental fertilizer for your turf – it’s a win, win!


LESS Weight

Regular lawn care machines usually weigh a ton and having to push them around your property is exhausting, let’s be honest. Our robotic mowers are small (but mighty), and as a result, weigh much less than any gas-operated mower. The best part? You don’t have to lift a finger!

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