Ask TurfBot! Your Most Common FAQs

Sep 08, 2022

Learn More About TurfBot Robotic Mowing Services!

How does TurfBot® robotic mowing service work?

A TurfBot® technician will visit your property to install the perimeter wiring and program your robot to mow according to your preferred schedule. We will continue to visit your lawn to perform regular trimming and to check on the mower.


Are robotic mowers safe for children and pets?

Yes! TurfBot® robotic mowers are exceptionally safe for children and pets (and adults, too!) The robot's sophisticated sensors force it to stop and turn around any time it bumps into an object or person. There is a high-quality barrier in place that prevents fingers and toes from reaching the blades while the robot is mowing. It also takes less than a second for the mower blades to stop turning when the robot is lifted off the ground.


Can the mowers handle pet waste?

In small amounts, absolutely! However, if too many build up on the wheels or around the blades, the mower may lose traction, so we ask pet owners to regularly clear their yard (every few days).


What happens to the grass clippings?

Because the mower is regularly cutting your lawn, it cuts just a small bit of the grass blade each time. These bits of grass easily fall back down to the soil where they decompose and provide fertilizer-like nutrients to the roots. This makes for a much greener and healthier lawn.


Is my yard too large for a robotic mower?

Our mowers can handle just about any yard size. A single standard robot will typically mow 3/4 of an acre (about 1/2 an acre of grass). For larger properties, we use two or more robots to cover the entire property.


What happens during the winter months?

During the off-season, customers have the option of pausing their service until the grass starts growing again. You only pay for the months in which the robot is active!


Do leaves impact the performance of the mower?

Not at all! Our mowers are very efficient at mulching fallen foliage, and normal leaf coverage will not affect regular cutting. However, during the fall season, it may be necessary to request a seasonal clean-up to tackle the influx of debris on the lawn.


Can the mower be stolen from my property?

Because each unit features a GPS tracking device, TurfBot® is notified immediately should the mower ever leave your property. Our mowers are not valuable to anyone other than our customers, as they lose all functionality when removed from their designated property. All our robotic mowers are fully insured against theft.


How much does the robotic mowing service cost?

All our pricing is based on square footage. You will be charged an affordable weekly mowing fee but can essentially have the mower cut your lawn as often as you'd like. Contact us for your free quote!

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