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The owners and staff of TurfBot Atlanta have an extensive background in residential maintenance dating back to the late 1980s. They founded and built one of the largest full-service residential mowing and maintenance companies in the North Metro area, so they understand the business well and the challenges associated with conventional lawn maintenance. 

“With conventional lawn maintenance, the most expensive components are labor and transporting and maintaining heavy equipment. It’s expensive, loud and dirty. The robotic mowing provided by TurfBot is not only new and exciting for customers, but delivers excellent value, eliminating the intrusion and hassles of weekly crew visits along with the noise and pollution from gasoline engines that come with conventional mowing and maintenance.” Jim McClure - 30 years landscape industry experience

“Our customers get all the benefits of conventional mowing and maintenance without the interruptions and intrusion of privacy that are a part of the old way of doing things. The robot does the mowing, and our technician performs the other services with quiet, non-polluting electric equipment and only comes half as often. The best part is that the mowing is done rain or shine and the lawn is always freshly cut!” Kevin Adan - 20 years landscape industry experience

“Our team installs your robotic, self-charging mower and you sit back and enjoy the benefits. This service operates efficiently and easily, with no hassles. It’s the same concept as the new robotic vacuum cleaners, only for your lawn. It provides value to our customers on so many levels and is revolutionizing the residential lawn maintenance business. Our customers love us!” Jeremy Vanderberg - Operations Manager - 20 years landscape industry experience.

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