Reducing Your Carbon Footprint One Mow at a Time

If you've been thinking about getting on TurfBot's schedule for 2019, what are you waiting for? Did you know, not only do our robots eliminate the need for you to mow your lawn yourself, in the long run they will also help the environment. And that's something that's very important to us!

At TurfBot, we take pride in the fact that our robotic lawn mowers are eco-friendly. They are battery powered and produce zero emissions. In fact, using one of our mowers is like replacing two family cars with electric cars! Conventional lawn mowers release harmful emissions and toxins, populating the air we breathe. Robotic mowers help limit the effect on the environment, proving to be the best option for maintaining your lawn.

FAQ: What is the approximate energy consumption of the charging station for an average-sized lawn with a mowing schedule set at a medium frequency?

TurfBot's robotic mowers use 11 kWh per month, so at an average of $0.13/kWh, it would cost approximately $1.43 per month or $8.58 for a 6-month mowing season. Wow!

It's time to do your part to reduce emissions. TurfBot can help! Contact us today for a free quote. Click HERE to get started.